An 8 Year Old Boy Catches A 700 Pound (314 kilos) Tiger Shark In Australia (VIDEO)

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The Australian minor has received numerous congratulations through social networks, although his brand must be officially verified before being set as a record.

Jayden Millauro, an eight-year-old Australian boy, managed to catch a giant shark eight times heavier than him, while fishing with his father on the shores of New South Wales (Australia) in early October, reports 9 News.

“I was trying to contain myself by pushing the wall of the boat,” Jayden said his feat, which could be worthy of a new world record.

A photograph in which the boy appears posing with the shark of 314 kilos It was published on the Facebook page of the Sydney Game Fishing Club, of which he is a member, accumulating a large number of surprise and congratulatory comments.

Although 95% of the specimens caught by the family of fishermen are released, this has not been the case. “With this, the fisheries will take samples for research , and the jaws will be molded into a plaque on the wall for Jayden,” the boy’s father told The Leader. The rest of the animal will be destined for consumption.

For now, the record in the youth category of the International Sports Fishing Association is held by Ian Hissey, who in 1997 captured a tiger shark of 312 kilos. Jayden’s capture must be officially verified to be considered as a new brand.

An 8 Year Old Boy Catches A 700 Pound (314 kilos) Tiger Shark In Australia



Source: Actualidad RT