Viral YouTube: get stung by poisonous fish to find out how lethal it is and everything ends up in the least thought out way [VIDEO]

A YouTube video starring the famous ‘Coyote’ Peterson, has become viral and has generated controversy, as he is seen being bitten by a dangerous marine animal.

A video published on YouTube has become viral and has caused thousands of users to be terrified, because it shows the precise moment when the famous youtuber ‘Coyote’ Peterson is bitten by a poisonous lion fish to see how lethal this marine animal is. The particular scene quickly became a trend on various social networks.

Nathaniel Peterson, also known as ‘Coyote’ is a wildlife educator who owns a YouTube channel called ‘Brave Wilderness’. In this space, he shows numerous animals that can be found in nature, and in many cases he allows himself to be stung and bitten by them to show how the human body reacts to this.

To carry out this risky adventure, Peterson and all his production team went to the waters of Islamorada in Florida, United States, with the intention of diving to find it in the depths.

In the first part of the video that went viral on YouTube you can see how the content creator, along with his entire production team, is looking for the lion fish in the deepest depths of the sea. After a few minutes of searching, they manage to catch it and use it in a painful experiment.

After finding the fish, ‘Coyote’ Peterson places it in a fish tank full of water, while he explains that this was going to be his first bite from a marine animal, so he has an epinephrine injection in case he gets an anaphylactic shock.

A few minutes later, the adventurer takes the animal out of the container, takes it with one of his hands and brings it closer to the other to inject it with one of the stings on your back. On receiving the sting, Peterson can only scream in pain.

If you want to see what happened to Peterson later, we’ll leave the YouTube video for you to see for yourself. In addition, it is recommended not to imitate these practices, as this man is a professional and only does it for educational purposes.

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