Diver Enters the Sea in Search of Hidden ‘Treasure’ and Encounters Hungry Sharks [VIDEO]

The YouTube video diver sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, where he discovered history’s most murderous predators camouflaged inside a hidden ‘treasure’.

Shocking images. A group of researchers shared on YouTube, a video showing a daring diver’s encounter with killer sharks from South America. The diver entered Brazil’s beach in search of a ‘treasure’ hidden deep in the sea, but ended up becoming the prey of hungry predators. To find out what happened, read on.

The video that has been viral on YouTube was shared by National Geographic, a U.S. educational channel. The images in this clip show the precise moment the diver entered the dangerous Atlantic Ocean under the necessary security measures.

The man risked his life hiking into the deep sea, where the most murderous sharks in history were hiding. As can be seen in the YouTube viral video, an underwater camera recorded the impressive ‘journey’ and the different sea creatures.

According to data shared by National Geographic in publishing the video, Brazil accounts for nearly 50% of the shark attacks recorded in South America. For this reason, an expert in the behavior of marine animals entered in search of a hidden treasure.

Inside the ocean, the diver found an abandoned boat deep in the sea. As can be seen in the YouTube video, the boat was hiding hundreds of dangerous sharks of all kinds.

“It is now known as the deadliest coast in South America,” reads the YouTube publication.

Watch the YouTube viral video here: