Viral Facebook: Visitor Sees a Poisonous Creature Stranded on the Beach, Feeds it and the Unexpected Happens [VIDEO]

A Facebook viral video showed the instant a swimmer caressed a poisonous fish stranded in the sea, without imagining the unexpected reaction of the creature.

A man posted a viral video on Facebook after finding a poisonous stripe trapped on the seashore. Far from frightening him, John Wilkins approached to caress the animal and realized that it was on the verge of death, as it did not receive enough oxygen to come out well liberated.

The Facebook viral recording recorded the moment a swimmer touched and fed a poisonous stripe that emerged from the ocean; however, the creature never imagined that it would be stranded on the shore and that its life would be in danger. What man did triggered the applause of thousands of users on social networks.

With great care, the man grabbed the body of the creature to avoid its lethal bite, turned it to the left and directed it to the bottom of the sea to save it from imminent death. In the Facebook viral video, he recorded the moment when the animal immersed itself in the bottom of the ocean to take with it the prey that the human had provided it.

According to experts, the attack of the rays “rarely occurs” and, if it occurs, it is usually caused by “recklessness motivated by ignorance”. For this reason, rays do not attack unless they feel threatened. How do they defend themselves? When they feel unprotected, marine animals strike with their sting in the form of a saw.

Fortunately, the man emerged unscathed from the rescue that secured the stability of a poisonous stripe. However, experts indicate that the bite of a skate can be fatal, as the creature releases a poisonous toxin that penetrates the skin, causing severe muscle pain, paralysis, pain and irritation.

The viral video was shared by the “Viral Press” page on Facebook, which accumulated more than 1 million reproductions, 600 shared and hundreds of amazing users, who spared no effort to be surprised by the good deed of man. “Unbelievable,” “there should be more people with a good soul,” you can read on social networks.

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