Two Friends Fishing On A Lake Get A Bitter Sweet Surprise By An Unusual Event (VIDEO)

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Jason Frost and Brandon Key, the two friends of the viral video of Facebook, never imagined that they would end up ‘fishing’ for two kittens that had been abandoned.

Amazing! Fishing enthusiasts know that no day is the same. On some occasions it can be very helpful and ensure a good lunch or dinner, while on others you can get defeated; However, on very few occasions an experience is lived like the one that touched the young men of a video that has gone viral on Facebook thanks to the fact that they ‘caught’ two kittens and saved them from drowning. 

The incredible scene was recorded at Black Warrior River in Alabama, United States, a place chosen by many to enjoy a pleasant afternoon enjoying this activity thanks to its calm waters.

“You are not going to believe what is swimming towards our boat … a kitten,” Jason Frost is heard saying he did not hesitate to record the entire scene and then share it on Facebook.

While this was happening, Brandon Key was totally shocked by what his eyes saw, since the caramel-colored feline kept swimming to approach the boat. After kneeling on the edge and stretching his arm, the man managed to get him out of the water and put him in a safe position.

While the surprise was pleasant, they did not imagine that another cat would follow his sibling and do exactly the same. “I just saw a kitten jump. Do you hear that I just saw him jump into the water? ”Adds Jason Frost, totally shocked to see how he launched from the shore full of trees and bushes.

“Oh, God! I bet someone abandoned them,” Brandon Key exclaims while not taking his eyes off the new swimmer who struggled with all his might to get to the boat. In the Facebook video you can also hear him saying “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life”.

After a few minutes of intense swimming, the second cat managed to reach the edge of the boat and was helped by Brandon Key to get out of the cold water of the Alabama Black Warrior River. His partner was looking forward to it and the reunion was unforgettable.

Wet and tired by their hard work, the kittens remained very calm in the boat until they reached the mainland. After this, Jason Frost and Brandon Key met a family that fell in love with the kittens and decided to adopt them to give them a new life full of love and care, because the men did not stop suspecting that both had been abandoned in that place.

The incredible images were recorded in 2015 causing a stir at the time; nevertheless, they have returned to gain relevance after being shared recently on Facebook by the page ‘The Epoch Times’. The comments were not long in coming and dozens of users rescued the noble work of both men who changed their fishing day for an even better mission: to give the small cats a new opportunity.


Source: Mag El Comercio