Rare Marine Species Emerge From the Sea and Fisherman Does the Unthinkable to Save it from Death [VIDEO]

Thousands of Facebook users were shocked to see what happened to a fisherman, after grabbing a strange sea creature that emerged from the sea and crawled to shore.

A viral Facebook video surprised thousands of users, due to the unprecedented rescue of a fisherman, who came across a strange sea creature that emerged from the ocean and dragged his body to the shore of a paradisaical beach in Mexico. The scenes show the moment when a fisherman makes the dangerous decision to rescue the animal that was about to die. What happened to the animal?

According to the details shared by the protagonist of the Facebook viral video, the animal that appeared to be a rock, for a few seconds tried to return to the water, without success. Therefore, the subject approached the creature, without imagining what would be exposed.

This is not the first time that a Facebook video has become viral in other social networks due to the unexpected appearance of a marine animal. The publication has been shared on various YouTube channels, where user reactions have accumulated to more than a million.

“A strange sea animal was stranded on the shore for more than an hour,” reads the description shared by the man from Mexico, who was accompanied by a group of friends when they ran into the ‘mysterious creature.

Some Facebook users have indicated that it is a jellyfish from the murderous sea. The video recorded the precise moment when the fisherman grabbed the creature without any bite and returned it to the sea.

In this article we share with you the sequence of the mysterious finding that became viral on Facebook. Remember that to see our photo gallery, all you have to do is slide each of the images to the left.