Video: She Wanted to Pose Sexy in Front of the Sea, But the Strength of Nature Surprised Her

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A video that shows a girl posing in front of the sea, a wave prevented her from taking the photo and dragging her with all her strength.

Nature is something that will never be understood and what you have to respect. What is not in doubt is the phenomena that may arise from it at any time. This happened to a girl who tried to pose in front of the ocean but was dragged by a powerful wave.

The video shows the moment when a young Asian girl tried to take a picture. Unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful because an aggressive wave prevented it.

The young woman had asked her boyfriend to take a picture of her during a visit they were doing in an Asian spa. The girl was wearing a pink dress, but she never imagined that she would end up all soaked and hurt. He never thought that a photo could become the worst accident that he would have to experience.

In the few seconds that she stands on the edge of rocky walls with open arms ready for the photo, a huge wave hits the rock walls and dragged everything in its path, including the girl.

Her boyfriend did not even have time to warn her of what was behind her. A camera was recording everything that happened and you can even see how the camera gets fogged up by the water that covered all those present.

Once the huge wave left, the girl was rescued by her boyfriend who helped her sit on a chair and clean the wounds caused by the accident.

Source: La100 Cienradios