VIDEO: Incredible! Alligators Manage to Survive in Frozen Swamp Thanks to This Trick

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A group of 18 alligators are kept alive inside a frozen swamp, thanks to a natural process carried out

A group of alligators have managed to survive inside the waters of a frozen swamp of The Swamp Park, in Ocean Isle Beach, located in North Carolina, this thanks to an incredible trick they use .

These animals manage to stay alive because they keep their snouts on the surface , they put the tips of their snouts out of the water and thus maintain it.

The Keeper also indicated that after the swamp is thawed, these alligators will continue to live.

Although it seems incredible to unusual, the fact is that this is quite common among these animals, the Center for environmental communication at the University of Loyla, in New Orleans, explained that this is a natural process, which happens during the winter.

This is known by the name of brumation and is typical of reptiles, during this time the alligators remain motionless and only drink water to avoid dehydration.