Video Finally Released of a Cruise Colliding With a Tourist Boat in Venice.

Like an uncontrollable giant, the Ópera ship, of the MSC company, collided at 8:40 am on Sunday against a small tourist boat moored in the Port of Venice .Authorities have reported four injured , none of them in serious condition, although many of the passengers lived moments of anguish to see the uncontrollable advance, the huge cruise. Scared, three tourists jumped into the water, the rest escaped running down the dock, amid cries and the noise of the alarm siren of the cruise.

The accident happened in the Canal de la Giudecca , when the boat hit a tourist boat with 130 passengers on board . The ship was moored in the same dock where the cruise had to dock. “The MSC vessel had an engine failure, which the captain reported immediately,” said Davide Calderan , director of the tugboat company responsible for dragging the Opera to his mooring, Italian media reported.

According to the statement to EL PAÍS Pino Musolino, president of the port authority of the north Adriatic, ” the cause of the collision could be the rupture of a tow cable, but before assuring it we must wait to read the official report of the Captaincy of the Port of Veneci to”. On the possibility of a failure in the engine, it warns: “The ships, like the airplanes, suffer every day breakdowns. They are things that happen, but they always follow a series of very strict controls. “

The event has reopened the debate on the navigation of the large vessels in Venice, which enter and leave through the Guidecca Canal and border monuments that are the heritage of humanity.“Today we must take care of managing the accident, but it is clear that from tomorrow it will be necessary to advance at all levels with the maximum speed to find a solution to the traffic of the large ships and free the San Marcos Basin and the Canal de the Giudecca of cruise traffic, “continues Musolino.

In the same line, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Danilo Toninelli, said the incident “shows that large ships should not go through the Giudecca.” Toninelli warned that the government is close to finding a solution to protect the city from the channels “after many years of inertia” policy.

Venice was created on a lagoon that communicates to the sea by means of three corridors. For one of them, Lido, sail the sea monsters , as the Venetians usually call the cruisers that pass in front of the Plaza de San Marcos, the Doge’s Palace and the Punta de la Aduana and then take the Canal until they reach the Maritime Station . Among the proposals put forward by Minister Toninelli, one is to prevent them from passing through the Guidecca Canal, entering through the mouth of Malamocco and, along the canal through which the tankers pass, they would stop at the old industrial zone of Marghera , abandoned today. Recently Unesco has given its approval to this option.

However, the option with which Mayor Luigi Brugnaro sympathizes is to reopen the alternative channel for maritime traffic Vittorio Emanuele, created in 1922. The old canal connects the industrial zone of Marghera with the Maritime Station, where cruise ships currently dock.

The Italia Nostra association, in its Venetian chapter, has been fighting for years to definitively move the Venice cruises. According to the president’s statement, Lidia Fersuoch, none of the proposals solves the problem. ” Cruise ships must disappear forever from the city. Accidents like today’s can be repeated, and perhaps with more serious consequences. The cruises pass through the heart of the old city like an elephant in a crystal shop. Venice is fragile. Very fragile “, ditch Fersuoch.

The association No Grandi Navi has convened a demonstration for next June 8. The debate has barely begun.