VIDEO: An Octopus Sticks to the Back of a Diver in Italy

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While the man was trying to get rid of the octopus, his partner enjoyed the scene while filming it.

Giuseppe Tortorella, a diver from Torre del Greco (Naples, Italy) and his partner Roberto were diving when they ran into a new ‘friend’ in the depth of the sea, ¬†reports ¬†Daily Mail. Roberto returned to the boat accompanied by a red octopus.

At first, the octopus adhered its tentacles to the diver’s hand, but then moved to his back and did not let go.

Due to the smooth features of the suit, it was difficult for the man to get rid of the animal for almost three minutes. Tortorella, who filmed the video, added that he could have helped his friend, but he was enjoying the scene. Finally, he helped to remove the octopus from him.


Source: ActualidadRT