VIDEO: A Killer Whale Boasts Before a Scientist of the Prey She Has Just Hunted

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The huge mammal seemed to come just so the researcher could see and film what she was trying to find out.

Regina Eisert, a researcher at the University of Canterbury (New Zealand), was standing last week on the sea ice, off the coast of Antarctica, when a young killer whale approached her camera and opened her mouth to show the tail of the fish that has just swallowed, reports Independent .

The curious thing is that it was just the menu of these mammals that interested Eisert, who has been studying type C orcas to better understand where they live and what they eat and calculate the number of their population.

“These images of a murderous [whale] confirm that Antarctic toothfish is on their menu,” said the researcher on Instagram, who immediately allowed herself to joke and suggest that the killer whale had even offered her some fish: “And the Whales are happy to share it! “she wrote.


Source: ActualidadRT