Video A Fisherman Gets His Catch Stolen by a Hammerhead Shark!

A fisherman from Florida who was bringing back a fish fell face to face with an imposing hammerhead shark who wanted to steal his catch. He filmed the whole scene!

In the pictures, we can see Rob Gorta trying to remove the hook from a tarpon. He was focused and therefore never saw the shark approaching.

“I was about to take off the hook and suddenly the hammerhead shark came and took the fish out of my hands. It was a 180-pound fish and he took it from me then imagined the size of this shark,” says Rob, who estimated that it should be 14 feet long and weigh 1300 pounds.

But what the shark didn’t know was that the fish was still hanging on the line. The shark had to wait before it could finally get its loot back.

On the video, we can see the shark circling the boat while Rob takes off the hook. Once the fish is released, the shark grabs it.

“It’s an incredible experience, I’ll never forget it. I was lucky enough to film everything with my GoPro,” Rob concludes.