Very Strange Water Creature Found Moving Helplessly On Rocks Near A Beach In Chile (VIDEO)

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This is a true story, it happened to some people while they were vacationing on a beach in Chile, where some people were walking through Tirúa and, while watching the waves, they realized that a strange sea creature was very close to them.

It happens that when the person who was recording the video approached that strange being, he began to move as if he were desperate and is looking to return to the sea in one way or another.

The recording, uploaded on YouTube, teaches us that this rare animal, in its attempt to return to the water, was tearing the skin on the dry rocks that did not allow it to move well. It is so that people tried to help him but they did not know if they were doing the right thing or not since, being a very strange fish, they thought that this could be poisonous.

What animal was it? Well, it was a mixino fish, also known as witch fish or hyperotrets. These rarely appear outside the water and have more than one heart, so they do not need a large amount of oxygen to survive.

These fish are also not poisonous, so you can touch them without any problem, but what if, when they feel threatened, they expel a liquid that does not allow them to catch them.


Source: Mag el Comercio