Venezuela, a Few Days Away from Being Surrounded by US Military Power

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Maybe Maduro just needs to show his fangs.

Tom Rogan is a prominent British journalist who often writes about military and geopolitical issues. In an article published in the Washington Examiner newspaper  , he reviewed the will of the United States to militarily attack the dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro through significant demonstrations.

The United States silently accumulates its military power near Venezuela . This is the title of the article in which Rogan explains why, in a few days, two American aircraft carriers could be a few kilometers from Caracas.

“The simple point here is that the United States could have two aircraft carriers in the operational range of Venezuela in a week,” the Washington Examiner reads  . “An important naval and maritime presence of the United States is operating near Colombia and Venezuela. Whether by coincidence or not, these deployments give the White House a growing range of options . “

In the last weeks, the pressure of the United States on the criminal regime of Nicolás Maduro has increased significantly. With the new leadership of Juan Guaidó, senior American officials such as White House security adviser John Bolton; Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo; and the Republican senator, Marco Rubio; they have warned of a greater force, coming from the United States, that Maduro could not confront. His statements are framed in the continuous and insistent speech of President Donald Trump: “All options are on the table regarding Venezuela, including the military.”

It is striking that, in this context, Admiral Craig Faller, head of the Southern Command, visited Colombia, Brazil and Curacao, territories bordering on Venezuela.

Venezuela, a Few Days Away from Being Surrounded by US Military Power

And now Tom Rogan publishes his article with essential information to be able to speculate on the decisions that the administration of Donald Trump will take before the imminent admission of humanitarian aid to Venezuela -pautado for next February 23, when a month of the oath of office is celebrated. Juan Guaidó.

On his Twitter account, user Jack Casablanca dissects the article in the Washington Examinerwith a neat thread .

“Rogan gives an account of a configuration of locations of US military forces – corroborated by military sources – that seem to indicate that the United States, in fact, is preparing for a military deployment in Colombia, in relation to the conflict in Venezuela,” he says.


Source: ESPanamPost

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