Users Are Terrified After Seeing Mysterious Creature Caught in Chernobyl Lake [VIDEO]

Through YouTube has become viral the precise instant fisherman catches a strange animal that emerged from a dangerous lake of Chernobyl.

It seems that Chernobyl is still hiding secrets. YouTube has gone viral with a video that shows the exact moment when a man catches a mysterious creature swimming in a dangerous artificial Chernobyl pond. The creepy look of the animal impacted thousands of users in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

Through YouTube and other platforms, many users were shocked to see the look of a strange marine animal, which was caught by Jeremy Wade, famous for being the host of the popular program ‘Montruos de Río’, which was broadcasted from 2008 to 2017.

For this risky adventure, Wade decided to go to Chernobyl, where in 1986 one of the most disastrous nuclear accidents in history occurred, because it made that place uninhabitable because of the enormous radiation that lasts to date.

In this video that he made viral in YouTube you can see how the fisherman indicates that he will go to an artificial lagoon that is very close to one of the nuclear reactors that exploded, so he hopes to meet with mutant creatures product of the radiation that occupied the enclosure.

In the moments that follow, Jeremy Wade throws his fishing rod into the water and notices something stinging. At first he thinks it’s a mysterious creature, but when he has it in his hands he realizes that it’s actually a pike fish, which looks common but a little bigger than normal.