US Restaurant Receives An Extremely Rare Blue Lobster. Will They Give Him Another Chance At Life?

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The staff of the Massachusetts state facility plans to release the creature at sea or donate it to an aquarium.

A beach restaurant located on the tourist peninsula of Cape Cod, in the state of Massachusetts, USA, received an incredibly rare blue lobster.

The staff at Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar shared the news on June 8, posting photos of owner Nathan Nickerson III on the restaurant’s Facebook account. The publication said that the creature had been trapped in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and delivered by a supplier .

However, according to the media, the restaurant decided not to take advantage of the extraordinary acquisition to attract visitors and give an account of its unique flavor, but plans to release the lobster to the sea or donate it to an aquarium.

The Lobster Institute of the University of Maine, for its part, estimates that the probability of finding a blue specimen is 1 in 2 million , according to ABC 13 .

“The coloration [blue] comes from a genetic defect that causes the lobster to produce an excessive amount of a particular protein that gives it that unique coloration,” the channel cites an information sheet from the Institute on colored lobsters.

According to specialists, in nature, lobsters are usually greenish-blue or brown, turning bright red during the cooking process. In addition to the blue lobsters, the Lobster Institute states that there are albino, bright yellow and redlobsters . Albino is the rarest: the probability of finding it is 1 in 100 million.


Source: ActualidadRT