US Intelligence Claims to know when the Russian Submarine Drones Poseidon will Enter Service

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It is expected that the nuclear warhead submarine Poseidon will join the Russian arsenal not before 2027, the US-based CNBC reported from people familiar with US intelligence.

In February of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the end of the key stage of testing of the multi-purpose submarine drone Poseidon with unlimited range of navigation.

“It is basically a Russian submarine, difficult to detect, that launches a drone, difficult to aim, equipped with a nuclear warhead,” the media quoted a person who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“The Russians have the ambition to use the submarine drone of propulsion and nuclear weapons as a means of retaliation if their ability to launch nuclear weapons is neutralized during the war,” the channel’s source added.

In January it was reported that submarines from the North and Pacific fleets of the Russian Navy would receive 32 Poseidon nuclear drones.

“The United States Navy does not have a similar weapon,” says CNBC.

In addition: In the USA they evaluate the Russian submarine drone Poseidon: “chilling counter-attack weapon”

The submarine drone was one of the six weapons presented by Putin during his speech before the Federal Assembly in March 2018. According to the US channel, the Russian hypersonic weapon Avangard will be ready for combat in 2020, “a significant step that would allow the Kremlin to overcome the US and China in this sense, “says the newspaper.

In addition, the channel reported that in 2020 the Kinzhal missile will also be ready . “Nearly 20 of these Russian missiles were recently moved to a military testing site, marking another milestone for the Kremlin’s hypersonic weapons program.”

US Intelligence Claims to know when the Russian Submarine Drones Poseidon will Enter Service

Meanwhile, the Russian president announced that in 2020 he plans to arm the Russian Army with the Sarmat strategic missile system , the “new super-powerful ballistic missile.”

Russia reiterated on numerous occasions that all its military developments are purely defensive.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News