Uruguay Negotiates With China Donation Of Naval Platform Equivalent To 4.2 Million Dollars

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Minister José Bayardi signed two cooperation agreements with the Minister of State and Minister of Defense of the People’s Republic of China, Wei Fenghe.

With the agreement of free assistance signed on Monday by the Ministries of Defense of Uruguay and China, the National Navy will access a naval platform whose cost was estimated at 4.2 million dollars. In addition, both governments signed another diplomatic cooperation text. It is the first time in history that a Chinese defense minister visits Uruguay, said José Bayardi.

Bayardi signed both agreements with the State Councilor and Defense Minister of the People’s Republic of China, Wei Fenghe, in a hotel in the Carrasco neighborhood in Montevideo. The objectives of the approach are the investigation and acquisition of goods, defense services and logistic support, cooperation in peacekeeping operations, in matters related to science, technology and military equipment, and the promotion of combined exercises and training, of humanitarian assistance in cases of disasters and collaboration in counterterrorism.

“It is not the first agreement with China after resuming relations in 1988, and since 1993 cooperation agreements have been signed, but it is the first visit of a Chinese defense minister to Uruguay,” said the Secretary of State.

The cooperation will be developed through visits by delegations, exchange of instructors and students of military institutions, participation in courses, internships, seminars, conferences, debates and symposia, visits to warships, exercises and training, cultural and sporting events and transfer of material.

Both nations will provide the necessary medical assistance in situations that occur in their territories, during the development of activities that take place within the framework of bilateral cooperation programs in defense matters, in medical institutions of the Armed Forces or, if necessary, in other Institutions

Uruguay Negotiates With China Donation Of Naval Platform Equivalent To 4.2 Million Dollars


Source: Caras y Caretas