Urgent Measures Need To Be Taken To Stop Campeche Pirate Attacks On Oil Platforms

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In the last 4 years, just under 600 pirate attacks have been counted in the Campeche Sound and, therefore, it is urgent to establish a naval base near the oil platforms, to timely respond to the reports, said Enrique Lozano Díaz, inspector of the International Federation of Maritime Transport Workers.

He recalled that since 2016, when he heard about the first cases, he gave the alert voice because initially the attacks directed the personnel of the platforms, to which the criminals escalated, taking advantage of the isolation and defenselessness of the people.

He regretted that nobody reacted to the alerts, because that omission favoured criminals.

“In 2016 there were 48 reported cases or so; in 2017 they were about 147, and in 2018 the figure reached almost 200. Until September 2019 there were about 164 reported cases.

“The last incident was on November 4 at about 20:30 hours aboard the ship ‘Remas’ of Italian flag, where they were assaulted with a firearm: a bullet apparently in the leg of a crew member, and another was a strong blow to the head, apparently a cachazo ‘, explained Lozano Díaz.

He added that fishermen are also victims of pirates, because they steal species from the sea and even diesel from their boats.

“We understand by the media of Ciudad del Carmen the death of a fisherman this year, and in 2018 he was another fisherman,” he said.

However, nobody wants to report to the authorities because they consider it a waste of time, he said.


The ITF inspector stressed that the demand of the sector is that the Secretary of the Navy establish a detachment, but not on the mainland, but offshore, as close as possible to the oil platforms, to instantly respond to emergencies, since from the coast they take Long time to arrive.

“It is a difficult area to patrol because it is about 80 nautical miles offshore, and the area is quite extensive, but the Secretary of the Navy has very good resources.

“The incidents do not stop, the thugs are not afraid of them because they know that they do not walk so frequently; they move in very fast boats, in 2 to 3 boats, and armed,” said Lozano Díaz.

He recalled that in the case of the Italian vessel, it was anchored 2 nautical miles from the buoy placed at the entrance of the port of Ciudad del Carmen, and yet the authorities arrived 2 hours after the incident.

Urgent Measures Need To Be Taken To Stop Campeche Pirate Attacks On Oil Platforms


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