UPDATE: Family Of Baby Girl That Fell From Cruise Blames Royal Caribbean For The Accident

They deny that the grandfather would look out of one of the windows, 11 floors high, and let the young girl be let go of his arms.

On July 7, what would be the dream vacation of an American family ended in tragedy, after their  baby of only 18 months fell through the void from the cruise ship Freedom of the Seas,  of the Royal Caribbean company  ,which was anchored in the Pan-American Wharf, of the Port of San Juan (Puerto Rico). 

At the time the first version that was known of the authorities indicated that the minor Chloe Wieg and had fallen from the 11th floor of the cruise after her grandfather, who supposedly carried her in her arms, got out of her hands when she showed her window of the ship and it will precipitate directly to the sea. However, the defense of the family argues that this version is false and that there was negligence of  Royal Caribbean.

According to the statement by the attorney Michael Winkleman at a press conference, the grandfather looked out the window not but that rose on the railing  of the children’s play area and lower leaned in the window that was opened by what fell into the void without his grandfather could do anything.

Winkleman affirmed that the barely walking baby tried to lean against the window as he does during his brother’s hockey games, but unfortunately, the window was open and the family does not understand  why, it is an exclusive area for children.

As it was known, the accident was recorded in an area near the children’s pool,and considered an outdoor section for children, which is why the family does not understand why it is surrounded by two walls full of windows. “Why would someone put up windows that can be opened in a dedicated play area for children and without any sign that indicates it?” Asked the lawyer.

UPDATE: Family Of Baby Girl That Fell From Cruise Blames Royal Caribbean For The Accident

The defense of the family also denies that the grandfather was drinking alcohol and therefore had not reacted in time. After the fateful accident, parents and grandparents had to be sedated before the impact of the event. Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean issued a statement in which it said it will cooperate with all the information required by the authorities to clarify the case.

UPDATE: Family Of Baby Girl That Fell From Cruise Blames Royal Caribbean For The Accident


Source: THE FM


  1. Please proofread and edit your article. There are sentences that just don’t make any sense and some of your facts are incorrect. The toddler who died was a girl, not a boy. The ship was docked and not at sea.

    • I was going to say the same thing. The writing is terrible! The pronouns were wrong. It’s a girl (she) not a boy (he) among other things. It was very hard to read.

  2. Paula Fleischman July 17, 2019, 9:28 pm

    Yes, sentences that make sense would be nice. I’m still not clear on what this version of the story really meant!

  3. If I was the owner of this news company, I would no longer require your service after trying to read this gibberish. I have read articles written by grade school children that have been written better. Half of this article makes absolutely no sense. Please proofread your work before publishing it.

    • Exactly. That was the hardest read that was inaccurate, misspelled and incorrect use of pronouns. I’ve seen 5th graders write better then that.

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