Unusual! Seagull Enters Shop and Nobody Expected What Happends Next (VIDEO)

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Nobody expected to see something similar. A seagull has made a big impact after a viral YouTube video showed the moment he enters a store in Merseyside, England with the aim of stealing a bag of chips.

The shared recording on YouTube allows us to see that the bird walks quietly towards the establishment and only stops for a moment at the door, apparently to notice if it can enter without the workers of the establishment noticing.

After a few seconds, the seagull enters the store and immediately goes to the place where the bags of potato chips were placed.That’s where with his beak, as seen in the YouTube clip viral, grabs one and then goes as if nothing, causing laughter in the man who recorded the scene from a few meters away.

Precisely, he later wants to approach the bird, but when he notices it, he opens his wings to fly away. Several YouTube users described the moment as “fun” and pointed out that for the seagull to have known where the bags of chips were, it is because she had previously stolen.

The video that soon became viral on YouTube already has thousands of views. If you still do not see it, this is your chance.Here we leave it.