Unsuspected Visitor Wreaks Terror and Fear in Miami Neighborhood

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An adult crocodile has become a regular visitor to homes in Aventura, a neighborhood located in northeastern Miami-Dade, Florida, and has raised fear among residents who begin to worry about their lives.

Lauren, a resident of the area, described the first time she saw the reptile in her yard and said she can no longer feel safe.

Maughan, for his part, said he has a five-year-old son and dogs that play constantly in that yard.

Another neighbor of the area, Patricia Jesurum, called the channel to report that she had also seen the crocodile last week in the vicinity of her property.

According to her, she has repeatedly claimed through the channel to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) for not having given him a solution to this problem.

The answer given by the institution was that the animal was in its natural habitat, that if it came near she should call one of its agents quickly.

“If I wanted to live in a natural habitat, I would go to the Everglades,” said the woman irritated in front of the lake where the crocodile usually walks.

Wild Beast Wreaks Terror and Fear in Miami Neighborhood

“It will not be satisfied simply with sunbathing,  and one day there will be a catastrophe, and then what?” She concluded.


Source: CiberCuba