United States Will Develop a Large Unmanned Robot Ship to Replace the Destructures

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The N96 Department of the Naval Operations Chief of the US Navy will soon announce a request for information on the possibility of developing two new classes of ships: a medium-sized robotic reconnaissance ship and a large combat ship. The head of department, Rear Admiral Ronald Boxall, told Defense News  that the medium-sized ship could operate under the control of the crew or completely independently, and the second will not be manned.

Currently, the US Navy is considering several options for further development of the fleet. One of these options is to reduce the number of ships managed by the crew and increase the number of robots and submarines. It is assumed that these devices, which will be relatively specialized, will significantly increase the combat capabilities of the US fleet. It is also assumed that the use of robots will reduce the cost of the fleet, such as the construction and repair of new vessels.

According to Boxall, the large robot can simultaneously replace two classes of ships in the fleet: cruisers and destroyers. The army is still developing requirements for the new large robotic ship. In turn, the median ship will carry a minimum of armament or will not have it at all and will have several reconnaissance systems to detect submarine, surface and aerial targets.

United States Will Develop a Large Unmanned Robot Ship to Replace the Destructures

In Department N96, it is believed that small ships with crews can remain in the fleet only as floating command centers, from which several marine robots will be handled. Other details are not disclosed yet. According to Boxall, the investigation into the widespread use of robots in the navy was approved by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Previously, it was learned that the Directorate of Research and Development of the US Navy. It completely classified the project of the totally autonomous robot designed to detect and track enemy submarines. This is what management representative Bob Freeman said to the National Defense website  . This means that it is likely that more details about the development of the device will not be revealed.


Source: NMAS1