Unexpected Reaction of a Duck, After Creepy Sea ​​Creatures Snatched His Food (VIDEO)

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A video is causing a sensation, as it shows the exact moment when a duck  faces some sea ​​creatures, which snatch his food, something that disgusted the bird. This occurred in the United States, when a tourist visited a place where many wild ducks live, which had been invaded.

The ‘invaders’ were strange marine creatures that caught the attention of several tourists, who began to record them and discovered that they were a group of eels, which fluttered and drove away the ducks.

As you can see in the video, the ducks had moved away from the invading creatures, who were taking the attention of all visitors, one of them launched a piece of food close to them.

Quickly, the eels began to fight over the piece of food, this was noticed by one of the ducks that swiftly approached where these creatures were and began to fight over the food.

“This duck was brave”, “If the eels had wanted to kill him”, “he risked his life for his food”, are some of the comments made by viewers of the video.

The duck risked his life fighting these creatures, who were able to kill him as a whole, but fortunately they did not.


Source: La Republica