Unbelievable 25 Year Old Armour-Plated Fish Caught on Video

Photographer Josh Garman, from London, was visiting the Aquashella Aquarium Festival in Chicago when he spotted the huge and strange creature. The fish, a Panaque pleco, was deemed to be about 25 years-old. The average life span of a pleco fish is about 10-15 years, but this pleco is different. Living to 25 and beyond makes this fish very special.

It also seems as if with age, it grew this hard set of armor-like scales that appear to be unbreakable at first glance. The color and condition of the fish really shows that it is an elder. With its fossil like scale outlines and dark grey skin color, this pleco truly is a legendary fish.

Another thing that suggests this pleco is very rare is its size. The average size of a pleco is roughly 15-24 inches, and clearly this bad boy exceeds that. This is just a monster pleco! Fortunately, the camera man Josh brought his camera and we were able to witness this beauty of a fish from his perspective.

An amazing sight of a very rare Panaque pleco.

Source: Liveleak.com & CatersNews