Two Young Men Were Fishing in a River and an Unexpected “Thief” Steals Their Loot (VIDEO)

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A reptile emerges unexpectedly from the waters of a swamp and gives itself a gastronomic feast.

A recent video shows the terrifying moment when a huge crocodile emerges from the water of a swamp to pursue a pair of fishermen. The scenario took place in Australia.

The image show a young man who was fishing with a friend in a river, while fighting to get a big fish out of the water.

As the fish came to the surface, a strange and large creature was also emerging from the water.

The excitement of catching a large fish immediately becomes panic when the boys realize that a huge crocodile, about four meters in length, emerges from the river.

The reptile quickly swallows the prey that was hooked on the line, which was held firmly by the young man. Finally, the huge crocodile devours the fish in seconds. In the video you can hear the cries of fear of his friend: “Run, brother, run, Daniel.”

Fortunately, the reptile was satisfied with the fish and the fishermen were safe, although they regretted the loss of their prey. 


Source: Actualidad RT