Two Ships With Stolen Oil Are Seized in Tabasco Mexico

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Elements of the Navy Navy of Mexico and the Agency of Criminal Investigation, dealt a hard blow to the huachicoleros when they seized 850 thousand liters of hydrocarbon from two ships that sailed in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, in front of the port of Dos Bocas, Paraíso , the most important in the southeast and where one million barrels of oil are exported daily to the United States, Europe and Asia.

Following an anonymous report that reported that in the Gulf of Mexico, at the height of Dos Bocas, trafficking of stolen gas was carried out, the Ministry of the Navy and the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Republic followed it up for several days.

Both corporations implemented a special device last night that led to the insurance, this morning, of the two boats allegedly supplying the fuel that they stole from Pemex, as well as the arrest of 10 of their crew with their respective Navy Captains.

Both the vessels and the insured crew were placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to start the respective investigation folder.

Just last week the governor of Tabasco, Adán Augusto López Hernández , had warned that thousands of barrels of oil would be stolen every day through the port of Dos Bocas, an amount that is not reported to Pemex, he said.

The Tabasco president indicated that the theft would be committed by authorities of Pemex in collusion with the administrators of the port, “from the monoboyas”.

So far neither the Attorney General of the Republic nor the Semar have pronounced themselves in an official manner.

Source: Excelsior