Two Seagulls a.k.a. Graeme and Steve Putting TFL’s Twitter game On The Map With Their Viral Video Feeds

Most Londoners follow Transport for London’s Twitter page, if they do, to find out when the Central Line will be down again. But regular devotees have noticed that, hidden among endless tweets about delays, collisions and other traffic-related problems, something more exciting is happening.

Two seagulls quickly became viral fame after landing several times in front of a traffic camera on Brunswick Road in Leyton, East London.

The TfL account on Twitter rarely receives much attention or love, but the seagulls have been a big hit among users who love birds that are now affectionately named Graeme and Steve.

Flying reporters were a hit among all, and the TfL posted a video of one of the seagulls earlier this week with the title “Due to popular demand, a quick update from our famous reporter north of Blackwall Tunnel “.

This simple tweet was enjoyed 18,000 times with video viewed 600,000 times. The birds have really improved the Twitter game of TfL.

The couple, who appeared for the first time Monday, came back several times to the same place, apparently attracted by all the attention. Graeme and Steve are TfL’s most beloved journalists, and a TfL spokesperson thanked them for their help and hard work.

He told the Daily Mail: “Usually, our cameras give us a panoramic view of traffic in London, but we want to thank our new colleagues, Graeme and Steve, for helping us during rush hours.” Ha, pic! Get it?

Two Seagulls a.k.a. Graeme and Steve Putting TFL's Twitter game On The Map With Their Viral Video Feeds

If you want to follow all the adventures of Graeme and Steve, you can follow TfL on Twitter or follow your own account. It is unclear if the account is official or not, or if it was simply opened by a suspension of its main fame, but it is updated as and when they arrive.


Source: Pretty52