Two People Enter a Lake But Only One Leaves (Watch the Entire VIDEO)

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The video of the security cameras of the Marine Corps registers the last minutes of life of Natália Ribeiro dos Santos Costa, 19 years. The image shows the university student getting into the water accompanied by Asa Norte, 19. Then only the young man gets out of the water. The woman died of drowning in the late afternoon of March 31 and her body was found by the Fire Department at 2:33 pm on April 1.

Filming begins with Natalia and her colleague walking to the ravine of the Almirante Alexandrino Club (Caalex) to Lago Paranoá at 6:16 p.m. It is still clear when the two arrived at the water’s edge, where they seem to argue.

Natalia walks alone into the water and pulls the resident of the Asa Norte by the hand, at 18:17. He retreats for a few seconds before entering the lake. The couple is in the shallow part, before they walk until they are submerged up to the neck.

The two are well together in the water and you can not see what happens before the college girl sinks into the lake. According to information from the Civil Police, Natália sank in an area with 3 meters of depth.

It is possible to see that the young man swims from where he was with the woman and to the shallow end of the water, where he stands looking where Natália sank until 18:19. Without noticing any movement, he sits on the grass.

The boy returns to enter Lake Paranoá two more times: at 18:21 and 18:24. After not seeing Natalia anymore, he gets gets out of the ravine to return to Caalex’s barbecue, at 18.25.

As the report had previously reported, a few feet away was a boat of the Marine Corps.

According to the cadaveric report of the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML), Natália died as a victim of drowning. All the marks on her body occurred after her death, during which time she was immersed in Lake Paranoá.  

The result of the university’s toxicology test also indicates that she had consumed narcotics. However, experts could not say whether the woman consumed the drugs at the party or at an earlier date. Almost 24 hours after the body was found, there was still 0.7 milligrams of alcohol per liter of air expelled from the lungs. The substances found were cocaine, methamphetamine and amphetamine.

Two People Enter a Lake But Only One Leaves

Research Demonstration

This Wednesday, when Natalia would turn 20, her family and friends will hold a demonstration in front of the 5th Police Station (Central Area). The unit is responsible for investigating the circumstances surrounding the drowning of the young woman.

The movement is scheduled for 12 noon, in front of the entrance of the police station. Protesters charge “for the many unanswered questions we still have,” the text said.

On Monday, the family’s defense lawyer, Juliana Porcaro, said she would seek the prosecutor’s office to conduct an independent investigation of the Civil Police, with the reconstitution of the alleged crime.