Two Girls Messing Around on Jet Ski Ends With Cops Pulling Them Over After This Happens…

On a casual hot afternoon, a guy lets these two girls borrow his jet ski. Little did they know the jet ski was in fact boosted (meaning it had extra power). So the two girls start ripping the thing around going all different directions and maintaining very fast speeds. Almost falling off on every bump of a wave, we can already start to notice its not that great of an idea and not very safe for that matter.

Next thing you know, the two girls continuing to fly on this super quick jet ski hear a boop-boop (that’s the sound of the police). Realizing they were going way too fast and being straight out reckless, they turn their heads to see a police boat pulling them over. The video ends there and the rest is history.

We will never know if they ended up getting a ticket or not, and if the man who owned it had any problems. But still a funny video especially with the Cyndi Lauper song in the background.