Two Extreme Guys Explore Dangerous Surf and It Wasn’t Looking Good For One of Them…

On July 5, 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil a group of surfers were hanging around a big swell and decided to try and surf around it. One of the guys who was filming the video had this to say.

“I was filming a big swell that hit the coast of Rio de Janeiro at Itacoatiara beach with some friends that were going to surf in town. They were all getting good waves, and my friend Daniel, in his second fall of the day, decided to enter the rocks. With the drone in the air, I decided to record his entry into the water. He broke all the keels on the rocks and ripped off his rubber clothing, but he still surfed about two hours after that.”

Those huge wet rock mountains are usually very dangerous especially with the strength of the waves coming in like that. But that didn’t stop these guys from surfing or enjoying the ocean. Even with the one guy ripping up his suit and taking some damage, he still managed to surf the rest of the day!

Source: ViralHog