Two Brave Hunters Rescue Bull Elk From Dying in Mud Pit

On September, 2017 in Alberta, Canada, two hunters came across a bull elk stuck in a very deep mud pit. They decide to go over, do the brave thing and try to rescue it. At the beginning they struggle to get a grip on the elk because it felt threatened and was slightly fighting back. Once the elk stabbed one of the hunters in the leg with his antlers, they decided to try a more distant approach.

They then used rope to tie around the antlers and attempt a tug of war approach with one of the hunters on the back trying to lift the rear of the elk with a large tree branch. This method was working the best out of everything they tried up until that point. Shortly after beginning this approach, the elk got closer to the dry land and with the man on the front giving everything he had, the elk was able to spring its front legs up onto land and escaped to freedom.

A great video of two brave and thoughtful guys saving some of the wildlife and not just ending its life right there as some other hunters would have done.

Source: ViralHog