Turkish police seize 615 kilos of heroin that arrived from Ecuador.



The border police of Turkey seized in the port of Mersin , in the southeast of the country, some 615 kilos of cocaine that arrived on board a ship from Ecuador , informs this Wednesday February 6, 2019 the local press. The newspaper Haberturk assures in its electronic version that it is the second most important seizure of cocaine in the Eurasian country, with an estimated value of almost USD 40 million. The largest seizure so far occurred in September 2018, when authorities intercepted 800 kilos of cocaine in Kocaeli , near Istanbul , on a ship from South America . The cocaine found in Mersin was hidden in banana containers among about 500 boxes of these fruits. According to local police, four people were arrested in connection with the discovery , although the nationality of those arrested has not been reported.


  1. Hey, you know that cocaine and heroin are different things from different countries right?

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