Turkey Starts The Biggest Naval Maneuvers In Its History

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Denizkurdu-2019 naval exercises begin in Turkey, the largest in the country, the Ministry of Defense reported.

“The Denizkurdu-2019 naval exercises, which take place from May 13 to 25 in the waters of the Black, Aegean and Mediterranean seas, involve 131 vessels, 57 aircraft and 33 helicopters,” the note said.

Some 26,000 soldiers must reinforce the coordination of the operations of the Turkish Navy: practice combat actions, attack targets of virtual enemies on land and sea and test air defense systems aboard ships.

In the simulation phase, which takes place in the eastern Mediterranean, there are frigates, submarines and minesweepers.

Nationally manufactured weapons will be tested, including the UMTAS and L-UMTAS missiles with laser guidance system.

It is also planned to make a landing and evacuate wounded soldiers in hostile territory.

Turkey Starts The Biggest Naval Maneuvers In Its History


Source: Mundo Sputnik News