Tsunami WARNING In Japan After The 6.5 Earthquake

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An earthquake of 6.5 has alerted the population of northwestern Japan, in the Nigata region. The authorities are preparing for a possible tsunami.

An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on the Richter scale has been recorded on the northwest coast of Japan, in the Nigata region. The tremor came to register in the northern part of the country. According to the Meteorological Agency of the country, the movement is too close to the maritime zone, which is why a tsunami warning has been issued, at least one meter high, for the entire region. The government has forced residents to leave the area.

The epicenter is located 33 kilometers from the city of Tsuruoka, at a depth of 16.1 kilometers and happened at 22:22 local time, according to the USGS , which monitors earthquakes in real time around the world.

There is no damage report so far, but the city of Murakami, with 60,000 inhabitants, is located in the epicenter and may have been severely affected, especially its electrical and telephone connections, which have been completely destroyed. Yamahata and Niigata have registered blackouts due to the earthquake, while Tokyo’s rail transport has been canceled.

The Japanese government asked the residents of some of the coastal areas to evacuate their homes and seek refuge, it was done during a press conference to publicize the effects of the earthquake. Yoshihide Suga, minister spokesman of the Japanese government explained that it is still reviewing information on possible victims, but reported that the nuclear power plants in the region have not been affected or at least have not submitted an abnormal performance report.

The earthquake of magnitude 9 that occurred on March 11, 2011 that shook the Japanese island caused a tsunami that deactivated the electricity and cooling system of three reactors of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, causing one of the most serious nuclear accidents in history.

Tsunami WARNING In Japan After The 6.5 Earthquake


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