Tsunami Pool At Water Park Leaves 44 Injured After Setting Was On Maximum Power (VIDEO)

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A day of fun at a water amusement park in China became a tragedy after the artificial waves of a pool “attacked” its visitors with all the fury of a tsunami.

Fractured ribs, blows to the body and injuries of diverse consideration were those suffered by 44 of the visitors who enjoyed the weekend at the Yulong Shuiyun Water Amusement Park, in the Chinese city of Longjing, according to the website, Publimetro.

The event was recorded by tourists who were there and watched in terror as the giant wave “swallowed” those who were in the pool.

Amid the cries of the bathers, information about the accident began to circulate on social networks they claimed that it had been produced because of the operator of the pool, who arrived at work “drunk” and activated the maximum power wave.

The government of the city of Longjing issued a statement on Tuesday to deny the social media versions of the accident. The authority noted that “according to the initial stages of the investigation, the incident was caused by a power outage that damaged electronic equipment in the control room of the tsunami pool, which caused the waves in the pool to become too large and hurt people. “

“The park has closed the pool while an investigation is being carried out,” they said.



Source: panorama