HERO! Man Throws Himself Into A River To Save A Puppy (VIDEO)

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When we think of a hero, it is instinctive to pick up the idea that has been presented to us on television and in the cinema. Superhuman strength, super speed, invisibility, telepathy and courage are some of the sister characteristics that we attribute to these characters. However, all but the last are nonexistent features. Courage on the other hand, is what the hero has no cape. It is that that without knowing it you cross it in the street and that at the moment that life asks for it, a feat worth mentioning will be thrown.

This is the case of a young Panamanian named Manuel Calderón, who without thinking twice, risked his life venturing into a river caused by a flood to save a puppy that when trying to cross it took the current. His feat has gone viral, filling with praise and compliments to his person, as he has shown that there is still hope in the world. 

According to the publications that have become viral, the Panamanian boy has gone through complicated moments in his life. His parents abandoned him at an early age and since then he has had to get ahead in one way or another. Apparently he is 35 years old and makes a living selling vegetables in a wheelbarrow in Samaria Sector 5 in San Miguelito, Panama.

Many of the comments that have been made on Twitter present highlight his courage and his love for animals, thanking people like him in this world. “It is really incredible that he who exposed if anyone had said life is just an animal. Thank you for saving him for me they are very special beings and deserve all the love in the world. May God fill you with care and blessings “,  wrote Francisca Yebra, one Facebook user. Over here, we join all these compliments and appreciate your courageous reaction.

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