They Find This Species Of A Fish That Can Put Many In Grave Danger Authorities Advise To Kill It Immediately (VIDEO)

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The authorities consider it a non-native invasive species, also recognized for its great appetite, that is why they fear for the other species.

The strange sea creature was found in Georgia, United States, and can survive on land approximately 4 days, but the authorities are asking the population that anyone who has contact with one of them to kill it immediately because they consider it An invasive animal

The animal was caught in a pond in Gwinnett County, and is the first time it has appeared in Georgia.

The Wildlife Resources Division is making inquiries to determine if it has spread from that body of water and subsequently prevent it from spreading to other bodies of water.

According to information from some local media, with snakehead fish has been reported in 14 states, thus far.

The marine species is considered invasive non-native, that is, it affects species that if they are native when competing for food and habitat, it is worth mentioning that the snakehead fish is recognized for its huge appetite.

It is for this reason that the authorities determined that it should be killed immediately and frozen.

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Source: Debate MX