The Bermuda Triangle! An Unsolved Mystery (images)

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The story tells us the existence of countless places that have earned the reputation of mysterious, for being a protagonists of strange events and impossible to solve. The Bermuda triangle is one of them.

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, received this name for its location between the Bermuda Islands, Puerto Rico and the American city of Miami (in the state of Florida), since, by joining these three points with An imaginary line forms an equilateral triangle.

This triangle contains a secret, within it hundreds of ships and planes along with their crew have disappeared. Since hearing about this place, many questions have arisen, as well as speculation.

Some of the theories that have tried to respond to this phenomenon are presented below.

A Black Hole

This theory affirms that a ship goes through a door to the universe and three things could happen to it.

It would freeze hopelessly, it would make ashes in an instant or it would pass the laws of physics, which would teleport it to another point in the universe where absolutely nothing would happen.

Kraken Or Sea Monster

This theory holds that, in the waters of the Bermuda triangle , there is a gigantic being similar to an octopus or squid known as the red devil.

This sea ​​monster is capable of sinking entire ships and completely ending everything that crosses its path. To date, its existence remains only a myth.

The Bermuda Triangle! An Unsolved Mystery


This theory holds that in the Bermuda Triangle there are aliens waiting for crews to pass through this place to take them to another planet.

Gas Hydrate Reaction

One of the most recent theories published by and a researcher from the Trofimuk Institute, suggests that the disappearances of ships in the Bermuda Triangle could be due to the reaction of seabed gas hydrates .

As this causes the ocean to warm up and the ships sink into the waters with a large amount of gas. Learn more by playing the podcast .

The Bermuda Triangle! An Unsolved Mystery


Source: Uniminuto Radio