Eleven People Missing After Collision Of The Montelaura And A Moroccan Fishing Vessel In Dakhla Waters

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The captain of the merchant, Calvo, says that the fishing boat lacked the regulatory lights and he could not dodge it during the night.

The collision between the Montelaura merchant , of the Calvo group , and a small wooden fishing vessel in the waters of Morocco has caused the disappearance of at least eleven people. The accident occurred last Thursday night off the coast of the town of Dajla , in Western Sahara controlled by Morocco , and as a result of the crash the fishing boat Al Akhawayan sank.

According to information provided by the Moroccan state news agency, MAP , the Montelaura collided with a fishing vessel about 60 kilometers west of Dajla , also known as Villa Cisneros. Five fishermen from the sunken vessel could be rescued by the authorities, who “have mobilized all the necessary means” to search for the eleven missing, according to local sources.

The Montelaura , a 96-meter-long vessel, was moving without cargo towards a port of Gabon . After the collision, the captain gave quick warning to the rescue authorities, who immediately started the rescue work, saving five people. The Montelaura crew itself collaborated intensely in rescue efforts with the aim of finding the missing.

The captain of the merchant said that the absence of the regulatory light signals in the fishing boat in the middle of the night prevented the display of the vessel, which was also not detected by onboard radars. At an inevitable collision distance, the small fishing vessel emitted flashes of light. At that time, according to the captain’s testimony, the Montelaura made all possible maneuvers to avoid the crash according to the International Agreements , but finally this was produced laterally by starboard amura.

Both the captain of Montelaura and the rest of the crew are collaborating with the Moroccan authorities to clarify as soon as possible what happened.

The Montelaura is a freight vessel with a Panamanian flag built in a shipyard in Murcia in 1977, which has always been dedicated to the transfer of tuna from the fishing grounds to the port. The ship was yesterday afternoon moored in the port of Dakhla .

The merchant Montelaura rescued last April the two crew members of a Swedish sailboat, the Tina Princess , who had suffered a waterway while sailing near Cape Verde and activated the radio beacon. The refrigerator, which had departed from Mindelo , on the Cape Verdean island of San Vicente and was navigating the area, diverted to the position of the sailboat in a hurry to pick up the two navigators and transfer them to the port.

Eleven People Missing After Collision Of The Montelaura And A Moroccan Fishing Vessel In Dakhla Waters


Source: la Opinion Coruna