Incredible Moment Of Cetaceans At Play Caught By Drone In The Middle Of The Ocean (VIDEO)

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The images show how whales and dolphins play in the crystal clear waters of southern Australia.

Australia – Images of a pair of whales that play and fraternize with a group of dolphins on the southern coast of Australia have become viral on the net.

The moment, captured by drone by a photography expert named Jaimen Hudson, and was shared by the official BBC website, has surprised Internet users by the playful behaviour among animals of different species.

In the images, you can see how a the whales and the dolphins meet in the middle of the sea, and how they start swimming together and playing in the water.

Both animals are aquatic mammals belonging to the genus of cetaceans, and stand out for their great intelligence and their taste for play and sociability.

In fact Jaimen has become an expert in capturing scenes of this type with his devices. After a motorcycle accident that left him a quadriplegic, Jaimen learned to fly drones and has become a successful marine life videographer in Australia, whose work has been resumed by media such as the BBC, the  Huffington Post or the Daily Telegraph .

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