An Extraordinary Encounter Between A Woman And A Sperm Whale In The Middle Of The Ocean (VIDEO)

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The scene was recorded by a witness of the incredible moment, who provided the images to be shared on Facebook.

On Facebook, like other social platforms, you can find countless videos that show events that many would catalogue as extraordinary. One of these clips allows you to see the moment when a woman runs away from the breeding of a sperm whale in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

This video has been on Facebook for about a week, at which time it has accumulated some 27 thousand views and more than 300 reactions.

The scene begins with the female, who is wearing just a swimsuit, trying to get away from the immense cetacean, which seems to be immensely curious about the being before its eyes.

Several viewers who watched the spectacular recording, which lasts just a few seconds, left comments. Many of them claimed that the images were amazing.

“It really is something unusual and, in turn, amazing. The sperm whale presents itself as a curious animal, is intrigued to know more about what is before it, ”said one of the Internet users.

What the facebook video here:


Source: Mag El Comercio