Trapped Between Ferocious Lions and Hungry Crocodiles You Will Be SHOCKED How It Ends [VIDEO]

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A video showed the heartbreaking moment when a huge buffalo was chased by land and water by lions and crocodiles.  

The impressive video went viral  in which ferocious lions cornered a huge buffalo, when the bovine tries to escape into the river, hungry crocodiles chase it. Without escape, the bovine is saved by a miracle due to a great action.

The African continent is a ‘sea’ of great scenes where the protagonists are their ferocious animals. The great actions that they carry out to hunt leave astonished tourists. 

This video is a clear sample of the amazing animals, because it shows the great terror that suffered a huge buffalo when trying to escape from huge predators, who followed him through water and land.

An old buffalo tried to follow his herd, but did not have the same speed as others so, a few lions who had moments earlier tried to hunt them, saw a great opportunity in this cattle so they went right after him.

The ferocious predators cornered him, but the great buffalo ran for his life and began to scare them, however they were too many, his only escape was to swim through the waters of a river. His escape was not going to last long, as fearsome crocodiles began to chase him.

The bovine’s odyssey continued, he had to return to the shore where the lions were. Once again the hungry lions cornered him just after leaving. Without escape, the tourists who saw him feared the worst, however, his herd returned and saved him by scaring the lions.

Onlookers were surprised by the great cunning the bovine had to escape certain death.


Source: La Republica