Tourists Who Were Parasailing Fall Unexpectedly Into The Ocean Full Of Poisonous Creatures [VIDEO]

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The young people, who are the protagonists of the Faceboook video, ended up terrified to discover the true identity of the sea creatures.

Really scary. The recent video that went viral on Facebook shows the precise moment in which two young tourists suddenly fall into an area invaded by poisonous sea creatures in the United States. How did they survive? In this note we share all the details of the terrifying moment that the two men who practiced parasailing experienced.

Through a Facebook post, thousands of users watched the viral video of the the guys. In the distance, as they were headed down to the water, the young people noticed strange colours in the sea, as they approached they discovered the true identity of the dangerous animals that threatened their lives.

What were they? As you can see in the images of the viral video of Facebook, a ‘ sea ​​of ​​jellyfish ‘ receives the two daring paratroopers, who lost control of their landing.

Thousands of users believed that young people would lose their lives by bumping into the poisonous creatures that were inside the sea; However, the description of the Facebook video mentions that the boys only lived ” the worst fright of their lives .”

“In the social networks the images of some people have been viralized taking the fright of their lives when they fall with their parachute over an area of ​​the sea full of jellyfish,” reads the description of the viral video of Facebook.

If you want to see the images of this unusual fact that happened in the United States, we invite you to watch the video below…


Source: La Republica

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