Tourists On Safari Are Surrounded By Over 30 Crocodiles As Their Vehicle Tries To Pass Through Cahill’s Crossing [VIDEO]

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Tourists got stuck in the middle of the road after being surprised by more than 30 crocodiles. The terrifying moment has gone viral on Facebook.

A video shared on Facebook has gone viral and has caused thousands of Internet users to be terrified, as it shows the exact moment in which a group of tourists, who were taking a SUV ride through the Kakadu National Park, located in northern Australia, they are surrounded by dozens of crocodiles in the middle of the road. The unusual scene soon became a trend in various social networks.

Recording viral on Facebook shows the moment when tourists aboard a SUV get stuck in the middle of the muddy road that was infested with dozens of huge crocodiles.

According to the tour company “Kimberley Off-Road Adventure Tours”, the people who were inside the van had to park and wait for more than two minutes until the reptiles gave way to them and could manage to drive through.

In the viral images of Facebook, the animals are seen crossing in front of the vehicle, whose driver waits patiently until the reptiles clear the area.

The Kimberley Off-Road Adventure Tours Facebook page , through which the curious episode spread, pointed out that there were “more than 30 huge creatures there at that time.”

According to what they said, the van in which these tourists were traveling was parked right next to the tremendous wild animals, at the famous Cahills crossing, in the Kakadu National Park, in northern Australia.

Watch the viral video

“What a great day on tour today exploring South West Arnhem Land… We crossed Cahills Crossing just when the tide had changed… There were more than 30 there. This car passed behind us and had some problems with rush hour traffic, ”reads the Facebook post that was shared by the tours page.


Source: La Republica

  1. What a load of nonsense this headline and story is! How about “Impatient driver forces crocodiles minding their own business back into the water”? This is the middle of crocodile territory, they live there, they don’t “infest” it. At no point was the driver or passengers stuck or in any danger whatsoever.

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