Tourists Find Baby Whale In The Depths Of The Sea, They Approach And Their Appearance Surprises [VIDEO]

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Thousands of users and Facebook were shocked to see the viral video that shows the appearance of a baby whale that emerged from the sea.

Through a viral video of Facebook , recorded by a group of tourists that were on an excursion in the deep ocean, the moment was captured in a baby whale he emerged from the sea and let the cameras photographed. These impressive images have conquered more than one user in social networks.

Through the account ‘a_whiteshark’, a channel on the diffusion of marine animals , the moment was recorded in a group of people encountered the baby whale that was sailing on the surface of the sea.

“Call the aquarium, it’s a baby whale !”, “Actually, it’s an Ocean Sunfish, seen on the research trip yesterday. When the fins of these fish break the surface, they are often confused with white sharks, ”the Facebook post mentioned.

As you can see in the viral video of Facebook, the cetacean about half a meter, approached the crew of the ship, without fear of being attacked.

When tourists noticed their presence, they did not hesitate to take their cameras to photograph the sea creature that swam very close to them. It should be noted that the publication has obtained greater reactions from users in Mexico and the United States.

If you want to see the appearance of the sunfish that emerged from the sea, we share some screenshots of the viral video of Facebook. 

Watch the viral video of Facebook here:


Source: La Republica