Tourists Enter Huge Crocodile Cage And Encounter With Predator Generates Panic [VIDEO]

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Through a viral video on YouTube, thousands of users saw the risky experience that a group of young tourists lived, who encountered a huge crocodile.

You will not believe what happened. The YouTube platform viralized a video that has caused great commotion in thousands of users, due to the risky experience that a group of young tourists lived, who entered the cage of a giant crocodile to photograph it. The protagonists were ‘face to face’ of the huge animal, a fact that became a trend in social networks . What happened? Know all the details in this note.

Through the account Brave Wilderness of YouTube, thousands of users of Mexico, United States, Canada and other countries, have been able to appreciate the precise moment that humans were challenged to enter the sanctuary of a crocodile.

The protagonists of the YouTube viral video traveled to the famous crocodile aquarium located in Australia ‘Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin’, place where travelers can have an encounter with dangerous creatures.

As you can see in the YouTube video, through a GoPro camera, tourists closely recorded the appearance of the gigantic animal that angered people.

“What horror”, “What fear, I could not enter that pool”, “The predator was left wanting to devour his prey”, were some of the reactions that YouTube users had.


Watch here the viral YouTube video:


Source: La Republica