Tourist Who Claimed He Slipped By The Pool So His Hotel Would Pay His £33,000 Hospital Bill Is Caught After Video Emerges

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Seeing what expenses he would have in the hospital, he came up with this plan to pay for them. He did not expect that everything he did was recorded and published on social networks.

A strange case was uncovered during the last days, after a British tourist tried to sue the hotel where he was staying, due to a violent fall he suffered.

This young man accused of having an accident in the pool area of this hotel in Mallorca, Spain, where he would have slipped.

As a result of this, the clavicle and some ribs were broken, so he had to be taken to the city hospital.

According to Diario de Mallorca, when he realized how expensive all the medical expenses would be, this young man tried to blame the hotel for not having the corresponding security measures.

This is why the insurer of the establishment began to investigate what happened, finding the truth.

The company found a video that circulated on social networks, where it is seen how this alleged victim jumped from a hotel railing, to fall on a tree.

In the images, it is seen how the young man throws himself voluntarily, but passes by and falls to the ground, provoking injuries.

Finally, this young man will have to pay the costs of the hospital. Apparently, he will not try a stunt like this again.


Source: chvnoticias