Tourist Records Brutal Fight Between Voracious Caiman and Giant Anaconda with Heartbreaking End [VIDEO]

Shocking images. A viral video was shared via YouTube showing the brutal fight between two hungry predators that ended up in the river. The end will leave you terrified.

Chilling scenes. Through YouTube, a young tourist walking inside a zoo in Brazil stopped his trip after realizing that a huge anaconda was fighting to the death against a caiman trying to kill its prey. These strong images have become trend in social networks, getting more feedback from users in countries such as the United States and Mexico.

YouTube has become one of the platforms with the highest number of videos about animal confrontations. This recent filming that has been viralized in social networks caused terror in users, due to the brutal fight between predators.

According to some details in the YouTube publication, a young tourist stumbled upon a shocking scene, two ferocious animals clashed in the water. As can be seen in the viral video, this epic battle ended in the worst way.

“This video shows the epic battle when a 29-foot-long anaconda faces an alligator in a fight to the death . A green anaconda is captured attacking the six-foot-long caiman in Pantanal, Brazil,” the YouTube video described.

Animal lovers were shocked to see the hungry crocodile bite the snake’s body. Through this article you will be able to appreciate the YouTube video, where more than half a million users shared their comments.

“What a horror”, “That epic battle is one of impact”, “It’s the first time you’ve seen a crocodile face death with a snake”, were some of the reactions of YouTube users.