Tourist Comes Across Huge Crocodile And Does Not Fear To Grab Him By The Face [VIDEO]

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The video went viral on Facebook. A tourist who enjoyed a boat ride paralyzed his excursion to approach a gigantic predator, without imagining the reaction it would have.

A terrifying experience. Thousands of Facebook users were surprised with a viral video recorded inside a river in Mexico. The author of the images has become the protagonist of a horror scene, due to the approach he had with a huge crocodile. The publication has caused great impact in countries such as the United States, Canada and Colombia. What happened? In this note you know all the details.

As you can see in Facebook’s Video_online17 publication , a page about animals, recorded the exact moment when a tourist brought his hand to the fangs of a huge crocodile that stuck his head out.

Some details in the publication mention that the boat trip guide tried to take the human away from the jaws of the crocodile ; however, the protagonist of the viral video of Facebook challenged the fury of the predator .

What happened? The enraged animal to see that the hand of his prey was a few centimeters, raised his head strongly to attack one of the limbs of the tourist, who has left more than one Facebook users with his mouth open.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that human exposes his life when approaching a murderous creature. Thousands of videos published on Facebook and other social networks show scenes that generate great sensation.

The man seeing that the huge reptile wanted to attack his hand quickly took the top of the animal’s mouth. If you want to see the shocking scenes, watch the video here…


Source: La Republica